Fellows of the Ocular Wellness & Nutrition Society (FOWNS)
Listen to Dr. Paul Krabill OD, FAAO, FOWNS discussing why he chose to achieve his fellowship

Our mission is to promote excellence in the care of patients through nutritional support for eye diseases and disorders through professional education and scientific investigation.

The letters, FOWNS, after a professional’s name signify to colleagues and patients that rigorous qualifications for Fellowship have been met.  Fellows of the OWNS shall be recognized as leaders in the subject area of ocular nutrition.

How To Become A Fellow:

  1. Become an OWNS member.
  2. Receive a nomination from a current OWNS member verifying ethical fitness and professional proficiency.
  3. Complete the application and pay the $250 candidacy fee (note: application review may take up to 4-6 weeks). 
  4. Fill out this Introductory Google Form
  5. Submit achievements totaling 50 or more points within 3 years from initial application date.

Fellowship Candidacy Point System

*to be determined after submission 

Note:  ALL points must CLEARLY demonstrate relevance to nutrition or wellness

  1. To apply for the fellowship, we request a one-two page written statement from you. In this statement, please articulate your approach to nutrition and wellness, detailing your underlying philosophy. Additionally, if applicable, describe how you incorporate evidence-based medicine into your clinical care of patients. This statement will help us understand your perspective and practices in the integration of nutrition and wellness in patient care and will be discussed in your interview.
  2. Send completed achievements with documentation and curriculum vitae to fellowship@ocularnutritionsociety.org for review.
  3. Schedule in-person or virtual interview with fellowship committee by emailing fellowship@ocularnutritionsociety.org.


  • This is a societal fellowship specific to OWNS, therefore all submissions should clearly demonstrate relevance to nutrition or wellness. 
  • Candidates have three years to complete the requirements from their application date.
  • Candidates are responsible for tracking, documenting, and submitting their points. 
  • Further requests may be asked on an individual basis.
  • OWNS membership must stay in good standing to maintain fellowship status (FOWNS). 
  • Criteria are subject to change upon board approval.
  • Complete oral interview demonstrating pertinent knowledge and professional excellence (academic, clinical, leadership, or community service achievement). Fellows are graduated one time per year.

Fellows and supporters of OWNS should not endorse or promote any commercial products or services with OWNS logo as this is a misappropriation of OWNS policies. OWNS is committed to keeping neutrality and endorsing commercial products or services can be in conflict of its non-profit standards and mission