Certified Personalized Nutrition Practitioner (CPNP)
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Who Is This For?

Healthcare practitioner with nutrition in their scope of practice. Please note: CPNP does not broaden your scope of practice.


The CPNP identifies you as a healthcare practitioner with foundational knowledge and skills who is knowledgeable in PN to effectively integrate it into your practice team.

EDUCATION Degree/Licensure

Bachelor’s degree or higher in nutrition or dietetics or Licensed healthcare professional with nutrition within their scope of practice.

EDUCATION Coursework/Training

ANA Personalized Nutrition Practitioner Training Program; online, 40 hours, selfpaced, multi-media format.

EDUCATION (Practice Experience)

(1) Personalized Nutrition Case Data Collection and (1) Personalized Nutrition Case Report.


Online, 100 multiple-choice questions.

Continuing Education

30 CEs every 5 years.

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